Birthdays! (Birthday Calendar) App Reviews

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Good app, can get better

I think the app works very well. Its very easy to use and helps a lot. The only negative point about it is that it doesn´t have an alert function to remind you that today has a birthday or that in a few days will be the birthday of a friend. You have to check it to see if there´s a birthday coming which is a really bad thing, because if don´t check it constantly you will still keep forgetting the dates. Hope a new version of it comes with an alert function.

Does not work

It gets the year wrong. Pls fix this. Useless app. Good concept. But pls make it work. If u were born nov 3rd 2005. U are turning 3 not 4. Can I get my buck back?

No reminder

app works not bad but it doesnt remind you of a birthday. The only way to know is to open the app, so if you dont open it youll miss someones birthday. If you enter a birthday with in the app it puts the person a year older. I have removed the app and ill wait to see if any future updates correct these problems.

Great app

I luv this app, works great!!! Hasnt crashed yet!! Worth it!!

Birthdays Review

Great app. Works well with contacts. Would have got a five star rating if you could edit birthdays that were added externally from the Contact List. Right now it only gives the option to delete it.


Its a good app but without the reminder gets useless! Its okay to have a List of birthdays but the reminder is really important cause sometimes we really forget to open the app and for sure would forget a birthday! Ill be waiting for the update!

Update Needed

Great application but it needs to have a reminder built in also it needs a blank space on the year wheel cause not always you can get the year, somepeople dont want to share the year they were born with you & one other thing its too easy to delete a birthday as soon you touch the contacts name its asking to delete....without the fix its rated one star, & with an update it would be rated star of all stars.... April 4 2009 I have notice that after a birthday the entry stays at the should go to the bottom of the list to start over the count & to make room for the nex birthday... ********************************************* April 26 2009 still waiting on updates... *********************************************

Still Missing December 31st

Works pretty good, except you cant put in a birthday for December 31st. When you choose December, the dates only go up to 30. Would appreciate a fix on this. Thanks! Update May 18-2009 - Still cant add a birthday for December 31st.

Missing Feature

As others have said: this app falls short without a reminder function.


Cannot edit entries once made Cannot turn off year of birth function Stubbornly insisted that the date was a day earlier that it was The freebees work better

Things to update

Still not fixed - Should have option for alarm reminders and would REALLY appreciate if we can edit birthdays manually entered (so often they are babies and children who cannot be contacts !) Until then not worth it.

Dont buy!

The calendar in the iPhone has more functionality than this lame effort. Now sure how it got in the store.


Needs an alert system.....


Altough great APP, nice interface, shows contacts who doesnt have birthday added.


Without alerts this app serves no purpose. Of course you wont forget a birthday if you are checking a calendar (or app) everyday... We bought this app so we wouldnt have to do that. Please listen to all of us who gave you a buck for nothing, and give us something.


Needs the ability to add pictures or edit people who arent in my contact list.

Upcoming Birthdays?

I wish it would give some type of advance notice that a birthday is approaching.

Needs an alert!!!

This app is easy to use and works great, but I need it to alert me of a birthday. I dont want to have to check it everyday. I love that I can add and edit for people that are not in my contacts! The ONLY thing missing is an alert, at least on the day of the birthday would be nice. Thanks!!!


Needs alert! Needs to be able to add picture. USELESS NOW AS IS!

Almost Perfect

This app would be perfect if 2 things could be done. 1. An ALERT is NEEDED. 2. An edit feature to correct already inputted data. Now the only option is to delete and start over. If these things could be done then it would be perfect.

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